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Konica Minolta and OMNIA Partners understand that Private and Public organizations are managing a vast and unique set of procurement needs, challenges, and limitations.

Our relationship started almost 25 years ago, and we are committed to helping companies find the perfect combination of game-changing products and services.  We help streamline your purchasing process, realize significant speed to savings, control unmanaged spend, and optimize savings throughout the life of the contract.

By matching Konica Minolta, the Innovative leader in Technology & IT Solutions with OMNIA Partners, the Future of Procurement, members reap the benefits of a world-class buying experience while saving time and money.

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Konica Minolta has been reshaping the way corporate and enterprise businesses approach work with its expansive product portfolio. We are consultants to our clients with solutions that enable them to work smarter and have more information at their disposal to become better decision makers. It all starts with understanding how you can revolutionize your workplace. For OMNIA Partners, we are focused on a wide breadth of technology solutions where we can make a difference in your business's efficiency.

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IT Services

The world is connected through technology, creating a need to manage and secure the software, hardware and services that make this connection possible. Enterprise Organizations can have peace of mind knowing that Konica Minolta’s IT Services are ready to help by providing expertise and scalable solutions that support the needs of the business.

  • Cyber Security
  • Telcom Expense Management (TEM)
  • Device Life Cycle Management
  • Service Desk – Staff Augmentation

Intelligent Information Management

Productivity and efficiency are key watchwords for business as they look to automate processes and reduce their reliance on paper-based activity – which slow down daily activities and affect employee morale.  With Intelligent Information Management (IIM)– you can leverage automation and digitization to better manage content and processes plus eliminate paper.

  • RPA
  • Workflow Automation
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Content Management
  • Information Governance


Video Solution Service guidance for customers is the cornerstone of our practice.  From intelligent surveillance to detection analytics to REACT for review and image management - you benefit from game-changing technology for timely, preventive action.  Through a comprehensive assessment, we show a complete solution set to enhance your physical security and solve your technology and oversight challenges so you can upgrade and enhance your safety for people and premises.

  • IoT Cameras
  • Analytics Platform
  • Operational Technology
  • Thermal Imaging
  • REACT- Visitor Manager, Visible Weapon Detection, Secure Entry

Onsite Managed Services

Konica Minolta’s Onsite Managed Services program provides on-site resources and advanced document imaging technologies to manage non-core functions of your business. Our extensive program can reduce costs and implement best business practices throughout your organization. We ensure the smooth operation of your business so you can focus on its performance. We help you optimize your operations and control operating costs.

  • Mailroom Solutions
  • Copy Center Management
  • Key Op Services & Fleet Management
  • Courier Service

Print Management

Konica Minolta’s Print Management Services lead to greater output and improved productivity. With state-of-the-art print and finishing technology and software to manage security, workflow, and waste, the benefits are immediately realized by IT leaders and end-users alike.

  • Efficiency Software
  • Print Services
  • Office, Production and Embellishment
  • Wide Format and Industrial Print

Marketing Activation

Creating New Value with Data-driven Digital Marketing Solutions

​​​​​​To be successful with a digital marketing strategy, today’s businesses need an integrated marketing approach that brings together a spectrum of capabilities to effectively reach customers and grow revenue. Indicia Worldwide, a Konica Minolta company, is a digital marketing and communications agency that sets itself apart with expertise and resources that provide intelligent insights and technology-based strategies.

  • Data Capture & Analytics
  • Campaign Creation
  • Content Marketing & Lead Generation

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