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Stopping pest threats requires training, knowledge, and experience. At Terminix Commercial®, our professional technicians are specialists in commercial pest control and understand the importance of learning the specific needs of each business we serve. With our general pest control service, we’ll handle pest problems so that you can focus on running your business.

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Terminix offers members of OMNIA Partners pest control products & services for better pricing through a world-class GPO program. 

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Termites can be Risky Business

Termites are equal opportunity destroyers, threatening homes and businesses alike. When they strike, termites can cause extensive structural damage that can be expensive to repair, impacting your bottom line as well as impairing your operations, service and productivity. Even if your commercial structure is masonry or steel, the wood in the structure can still make you susceptible to termite infestation and swarming. In fact, no commercial property is free from the threat of termites without effective, long-term professional protection.  

With over 90 years of experience in termite and pest control, Terminix Commercial has the professionals, tools, and resources to safeguard your business. Our trained technicians can spot termite signs that you may not recognize and will customize a comprehensive solution for your specific region as well as your business and operational needs. We’ll also devise a discreet, effective and fast-acting treatment plan with minimal disruption to your business.

General pest control service from Terminix helps control infestations of certain pests that are known to cause problems for businesses, including: 

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents – mice and rats 
  • Some types of ants, spiders and centipedes 
  • Millipedes 
  • Earwigs 
  • House crickets 
  • Paper wasps 


Protecting your Business from the Threat of Termites

Our trained technicians will customize a discreet, effective treatment plan for your specific region as well as for your unique business and operational requirements. With the goal of minimal disruption to your business, our treatment strategies include: 

  • A comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of your business for pest identification and activity analysis 
  • An evaluation of the reasons why pests may be present and recommended actions to help control the risk of future infestations 
  • Continuous evaluation and monitoring of treatment effectiveness and implementation of any necessary modifications should pest activity change 
  • Education for your staff about proactive measures to help prevent pest problems 

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