Generic Medicines Are Saving Your State Billions 2021

Generic Medicines Are Saving Your State Billions

Find out how much generic drugs save the U.S. in health care costs.
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2022 Generic Drug & Biosimilars Access and Savings in the U.S. Report

Every year, the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM) releases a report documenting the billions of dollars that the U.S. health care system saves through generic and biosimilar prescription medicines.

Adding up the Generic Savings for Americans with Cancer and Other Conditions

Each dollar saved represents an American patient with a health condition impeding the ability to lead a full and productive life—or even threatening life. AAM releases detailed information specific to the conditions for which the savings are greatest. View some of the highlights.


Generic medicine prices have been falling for three years but some patients are experiencing higher out-of-pocket costs. When patients are burdened with higher Rx costs than ever, it makes no sense that there are forces keeping safe, effective and affordable generic and biosimilar medicines from getting approved, and being accessible to patients.