Your ally in the purchasing process

At OMNIA Partners, we're dedicated to optimizing procurement for your organization. Our approach provides you with access to group purchasing contracts with leading national suppliers, giving you volume savings and a streamlined procurement process for thousands of products and services. We aim to help you achieve your procurement goals while saving you time and money along the way. With a free membership, you'll gain full access to the following:

Contract Offerings

Portfolio of Value-Driven Contracts

Data & Spend Analytics

Spend Visibility & Analytics

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts

A better way to buy

Our history of building lasting relationships and delivering exceptional service has been consistently driving value for our members for nearly 30 years. As your ally, an extension of your team, OMNIA Partners provides members with an opportunity to focus on strategic procurement initiatives and goals. Our unique sourcing and procurement approach translates into broad savings and inherent value beyond cost. 


Standardization & Consistency

Operate efficiently by gaining visibility, standardization and improved decision-making, ensuring your team selects the industry-leading products that deliver the most value, consistency, and greatest savings.

Speed to Savings

We have a robust contracting process supported by our team of contracting experts. By leveraging access to OMNIA Partners, you could reinvest up to 500 sourcing hours per category by eliminating the resources needed for an RFP.

Optimized Way to Buy

Our dedicated teams and subject matter experts will identify custom solutions that deliver savings and streamline operations for a more efficient procurement process.

Lifecycle Management

Our knowledge of cost drivers keeps us one step ahead of the market. Creating a fine-tuned program that not only delivers meaningful savings but also prevents the undetected “price creep” or diminished returns commonly associated with unmanaged programs.


Utilize our business intelligence and data tools to deliver invaluable insights for smart procurement strategies. Measuring results with key performance indicators provides a consistent method to identify success, compliance, and areas for improvement. 

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